New Orleans-Recommendations

Hi everyone and welcome to my first travel post! I went to New Orleans with my family last week to tour Tulane, since my sister was accepted to college there. It was so beautiful!


And the food wasn’t bad either 😉 We’re kosher-style so we don’t eat pork or shellfish. Thus, we couldn’t eat many of the favorite dishes (mufaletta, gumbo, jumbalaya, etc..) That being said, we certainly didn’t go hungry. We ate very well and my meals there were some of my favorite parts (not that I’m surprised.)

Here are my recommendations:


This was hands-down my favorite meal in NOLA. I was so happy about it that I literally couldn’t sleep after eating there. I heard about this restaurant from one of my favorite bloggers. Since my family loves to hate on vegan restaurants, I knew that I wouldn’t have a good chance at getting them there, but we met an old neighbor and she happened to suggest it! It worked out perfectly.


This restaurant had awesome vibes. It had sweet quotes like the one above posted on the walls, it was bright, and the service was excellent. I ordered the Carrot and Avocado salad and the side of mac and cheese for my meal. I originally thought I’d order the salad and the lentil soup but the mac and cheese was calling me so I answered 🙂 The salad dressing was a bit sweeter than expected. I got used to it though. I loved that it was full of veggies and had no problem finishing it. The mac and cheese was fantastic. I don’t think it’d be distinguishable from regular mac in a blind taste test. (If you try that, let me know.) IMG_1990

But the best part was the chocolate mousse. It was generously portioned,  rich and chocolatey, topped with a fantastic fluffy whipped cream that didn’t melt. What else would you want? Note that the photo below was taken after several bites (we were sharing the dessert so I didn’t want to snap a pic right away.) I wouldn’t recommend the carrot cake cupcake (also pictured)- it was a little mushy and gingery for my taste. IMG_1992

The American Sector (at the WWII Museum)


We also went to the WWII Museum. I didn’t really connect with it as my parents did-it focused on the details of the battles too much for my taste. But I did appreciate the museum restaurant. I got the salmon BLT without the bacon with a side of vegetables instead of fries. This was very satisfying. The veggies were seasoned well and the sandwich was perfect-the waiter said that it’s the best one on the menu! The salmon was cooked well with a nice spice rub and complemented the toasted wheat bread and aioli. We sat outside and appreciated the sunny weather and beautiful setting.



I had heard about this place from Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. It was near our hotel so I walked over with my dad one morning.I loved my breakfast there. I got the Costa Rican breakfast. The black beans were delicious. The dish was balanced with healthy protein, carbs, and fat, and was hearty but not heavy. I liked the atmosphere, although it was a little divey. The service was good too. IMG_1928

I loved the juice also. I got the special-a blend of orange, mango, and pineapple. It was fresh and I could taste each of the fruits. I insisted on taking the leftover juice home with me so the rest of my family could enjoy it.


My dad raved about the fruit bowl.


Satsuma Cafe

My dad and I went to this cafe on our last morning in New Orleans. We wanted to go to Audobon Park, which was beautiful, near Tulane, so we went for breakfast at Satsuma first and shared the Mexican breakfast and biscuit. It was very good. Notice how this breakfast looks similar to the earlier one?  (I know what I like and also couldn’t eat a lot of their shellfish/pork options.) The dish worked together well and was satisfying but not heavy. The biscuit had a nice texture but was a little salty.


Satsuma had a great atmosphere and was very bright because of its large windows. They have tables on the sidewalk which are perfect when it’s sunny and warm as it was when we were there. It felt like a local favorite.


I’ll leave you with a photo of Audobon Park. If you go to New Orleans, I hope that you have good weather. It was magically beautiful when I visited. The slower pace of life and the kindness of the people there didn’t hurt either. 🙂 Enjoy!




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